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ILLINOIS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Year-End and New Year Requirements for Payroll in 2019 to be held Jan. 31

The seminar presented by Sean Darke of Litchfield Cavo will focus on all of the latest issues related to payroll compliance.

ILLINOIS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: New IL Wage and Hour Changes for 2019 to be held Jan. 8

From mandated uniforms, to personal mobile phones and the plethora of other areas where employees may incur expenses that benefit their employer, Illinois law has definitely changed!

ILLINOIS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: How to Create and Maintain a Safety Culture that Works and Pays to be held November 20

Tune into this webinar to hear insight from former OSHA leaders Tom Bielema and Nick Walters. With over 45 years of combined OSHA experience they want to share their experience with you!

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