Chicago Skyway toll workers ratify new contract

Chicago Skyway toll collectors ratified a new three-year contract on Wednesday that includes wage increases and critical new job protections.

The new contract, which expires July 3, 2018, includes a collective bargaining agreement, guarantees full-time positions and limits the company's use of a seasonal workforce.

"Because our members stood together and made their voices heard, the union and our bargaining committee were able to stay strong throughout these difficult contract negotiations," Teamsters Local 727 President John Coli Jr. said.

The local represents the 30 toll collectors.

"The union never once considered bowing down to management's unreasonable demands, and we vehemently fought for what matters most to our members.. Coli said. "These job protections and guarantees are a huge win for our members. The company no longer will have the unlimited ability to hire temporary employees while our members sit at home, ready, willing and able to work."

Skyway Concession Co., which has a 99-year operating lease on the Skyway, presented the Teamsters Local 727 Bargaining Committee a final contract offer for the toll collectors after a marathon negotiation Monday.

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