Northwestern University ranks 2nd in U.S. for women's athletic student aid spending

Northwestern University ranks No. 2 in the nation in per-capita spending on athletic aid for women’s teams, according to an Illinois Business Daily analysis of recent U.S. Department of Education data.

Northwestern University ranks No. 2 in the nation in per-capita spending on athletic aid for women’s teams, according to an Illinois Business Daily analysis of recent U.S. Department of Education data.

Among the 100 schools ranked in the analysis, Northwestern spent $34,976 per female player -- for a total of nearly $8.5 million -- in 2016, the latest year for which federal data was available.

Among other Illinois schools, DePaul University ranked 19th and spent $25,122 per female player, or more than $3.9 million total. And University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, No. 56 in the ranking, spent $19,763 per player, for a total of more than $5.2 million.

The top-spending college nationwide was the University of Denver, which handed out $37,624 per female player, or a total of more than $5.9 million.

The analyzed data came from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education, which collects athletics data each year from more than 2,000 colleges receiving federal financial aid.

More than 1,300 of those schools provide student aid to players on women's teams. In all, they spent more than $1.77 billion in 2016 on aid for 186,773 female players.


Top 100 schools: Women's athletic student aid

SchoolStateDivisionUndergraduate EnrollmentWomen's Team Athletic Student AidTotal Women's Team ParticipationAthletic Aid Per Athlete
University of DenverCONCAA Division I without football5,478$5,944,641158$37,624
Northwestern UniversityILNCAA Division I-FBS8,249$8,499,161243$34,976
University of San FranciscoCANCAA Division I without football6,413$3,925,324116$33,839
Seton Hall UniversityNJNCAA Division I without football5,484$4,141,931126$32,872
Southern Methodist


TXNCAA Division I-FBS6,294$8,954,734273$32,801
University of MiamiFLNCAA Division I-FBS10,102$8,058,019251$32,104
Tulane University

of Louisiana

LANCAA Division I-FBS6,487$5,812,815190$30,594
Vanderbilt UniversityTNNCAA Division I-FBS6,808$6,419,726210$30,570
Wake Forest UniversityNCNCAA Division I-FBS4,899$5,492,727183$30,015
Duke UniversityNCNCAA Division I-FBS6,449$9,309,330316$29,460
Syracuse UniversityNYNCAA Division I-FBS14,324$8,929,483309$28,898
Hofstra UniversityNYNCAA Division I without football6,462$4,643,479168$27,640
University of the PacificCANCAA Division I without football3,375$5,230,081195$26,821
University of Maryland-

College Park

MDNCAA Division I-FBS26,174$7,081,943265$26,724
University of TulsaOKNCAA Division I-FBS3,248$6,947,764262$26,518
Texas Christian UniversityTXNCAA Division I-FBS8,591$7,583,286294$25,793
University of Southern CaliforniaCANCAA Division I-FBS18,070$8,304,049324$25,630
University of Notre DameINNCAA Division I-FBS8,480$9,091,364357$25,466
DePaul UniversityILNCAA Division I without football13,126$3,944,198157$25,122
LIU BrooklynNYNCAA Division I without football3,749$4,972,447199$24,987
Rice UniversityTXNCAA Division I-FBS3,824$4,818,921193$24,969
Boston UniversityMANCAA Division I without football16,199$10,081,694410$24,589
Stanford UniversityCANCAA Division I-FBS7,032$11,553,110471$24,529
Auburn UniversityALNCAA Division I-FBS20,260$6,936,875285$24,340
Northeastern UniversityMANCAA Division I without football13,345$6,820,464283$24,101
University of ArizonaAZNCAA Division I-FBS29,049$6,325,862264$23,962
University of EvansvilleINNCAA Division I without football2,015$2,879,658122$23,604
Louisiana State University

and Agricultural & Mechanical College

LANCAA Division I-FBS23,036$6,641,741283$23,469
Loyola Marymount UniversityCANCAA Division I without football5,987$5,369,815232$23,146
Furman UniversitySCNCAA Division I-FCS2,691$4,639,569201$23,082
George Washington


DCNCAA Division I without football10,343$6,723,457293$22,947
Fairleigh Dickinson

University-Metropolitan Campus

NJNCAA Division I without football2,329$3,185,324139$22,916
Drexel UniversityPANCAA Division I without football13,258$4,730,352210$22,525
Menlo CollegeCANAIA Division I760$2,655,007118$22,500
Quinnipiac UniversityCTNCAA Division I without football6,784$7,849,924351$22,364
St John's University-

New York

NYNCAA Division I without football11,468$4,666,428210$22,221
Temple UniversityPANCAA Division I-FBS26,128$5,825,646263$22,151
Clemson UniversitySCNCAA Division I-FBS17,849$6,391,848289$22,117
Wofford CollegeSCNCAA Division I-FCS1,664$2,911,583133$21,892
Pepperdine UniversityCANCAA Division I without football3,220$4,594,580210$21,879
University of KentuckyKYNCAA Division I-FBS20,772$4,874,527228$21,380
Hope International UniversityCANAIA Division I726$1,903,12291$20,913
Middle Tennessee State UniversityTNNCAA Division I-FBS15,985$3,236,802156$20,749
University of ConnecticutCTNCAA Division I-FBS18,538$7,831,353379$20,663
Providence CollegeRINCAA Division I without football3,768$5,263,026255$20,639
University of Colorado


CONCAA Division I-FBS25,692$4,610,230224$20,581
University of San DiegoCANCAA Division I-FCS5,433$4,777,174234$20,415
University of Virginia-Main CampusVANCAA Division I-FBS15,420$7,731,752379$20,400
Boston CollegeMANCAA Division I-FBS9,486$9,399,378461$20,389
Mississippi State UniversityMSNCAA Division I-FBS16,134$3,823,872188$20,340
Pennsylvania State

University-Main Campus

PANCAA Division I-FBS39,883$8,439,419416$20,287
University of Detroit MercyMINCAA Division I without football2,160$3,499,386176$19,883
University of Michigan-Ann ArborMINCAA Division I-FBS27,833$11,393,247575$19,814
Samford UniversityALNCAA Division I-FCS3,204$3,541,759179$19,786
North Carolina State University at RaleighNCNCAA Division I-FBS20,818$4,804,967243$19,774
University of Illinois at


ILNCAA Division I-FBS32,126$5,256,915266$19,763
University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleTNNCAA Division I-FBS20,719$6,058,070308$19,669
Belmont UniversityTNNCAA Division I without football5,925$3,098,439159$19,487
University of RichmondVANCAA Division I-FCS2,998$4,558,118236$19,314
University of FloridaFLNCAA Division I-FBS30,583$5,725,250297$19,277
University of HartfordCTNCAA Division I without football4,506$2,834,177148$19,150
The University of Texas

at El Paso

TXNCAA Division I-FBS13,321$3,044,393161$18,909
Lynn UniversityFLNCAA Division II without football1,948$2,066,540110$18,787
University of OregonORNCAA Division I-FBS18,309$5,267,978282$18,681
Elon UniversityNCNCAA Division I-FCS5,854$4,090,945219$18,680
Stetson UniversityFLNCAA Division I-FCS3,017$3,712,495199$18,656
University of GeorgiaGANCAA Division I-FBS26,252$6,284,332340$18,483
Campbell UniversityNCNCAA Division I-FCS3,734$4,055,916220$18,436
Baylor UniversityTXNCAA Division I-FBS14,087$7,678,906418$18,371
Barry UniversityFLNCAA Division II without football2,889$2,222,528122$18,217
American UniversityDCNCAA Division I without football6,981$3,032,965167$18,161
Harcum CollegePAOther1,078$724,62440$18,116
Fordham UniversityNYNCAA Division I-FCS8,725$6,355,844351$18,108
Indiana University-


INNCAA Division I-FBS31,884$7,039,065389$18,095
New York Institute of TechnologyNYNCAA Division II without football3,168$1,872,559104$18,005
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPANCAA Division I-FBS18,129$5,382,650299$18,002
Old Dominion UniversityVANCAA Division I-FBS15,173$3,616,793201$17,994
Colgate UniversityNYNCAA Division I-FCS2,864$5,562,701310$17,944
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGANCAA Division I-FBS13,698$3,662,306209$17,523
Mercer UniversityGANCAA Division I-FCS4,012$3,177,886183$17,365
Colorado State University-

Fort Collins

CONCAA Division I-FBS21,211$4,010,894232$17,288
Presbyterian CollegeSCNCAA Division I-FCS943$2,050,217119$17,229
The University of AlabamaALNCAA Division I-FBS29,071$7,285,549423$17,224
Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaCANCAA Division I without football2,590$3,655,260213$17,161
West Virginia UniversityWVNCAA Division I-FBS20,524$4,732,009276$17,145
Rutgers University-New BrunswickNJNCAA Division I-FBS33,939$6,372,446372$17,130
University of MississippiMSNCAA Division I-FBS17,649$3,970,678232$17,115
University of Missouri-ColumbiaMONCAA Division I-FBS24,060$4,619,056274$16,858
Cumberland UniversityTNNAIA Division I1,265$1,870,618111$16,852
Ohio State University-Main CampusOHNCAA Division I-FBS41,666$9,444,421562$16,805
University of Oklahoma-Norman CampusOKNCAA Division I-FBS18,218$5,937,240354$16,772
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVANCAA Division I-FBS25,175$4,949,786297$16,666
University of UtahUTNCAA Division I-FBS17,081$4,577,073275$16,644
Lehigh UniversityPANCAA Division I-FCS4,990$5,820,025351$16,581
Houston Baptist UniversityTXNCAA Division I-FCS2,160$2,761,469167$16,536
Arizona State University-TempeAZNCAA Division I-FBS38,761$5,620,873341$16,483
Ball State UniversityINNCAA Division I-FBS15,018$4,044,812247$16,376
Iowa State UniversityIANCAA Division I-FBS28,791$3,992,372244$16,362
University of Alabama at BirminghamALNCAA Division I-FBS8,941$3,223,132197$16,361
University of BridgeportCTNCAA Division II without football2,140$2,469,484151$16,354
Source: U.S. Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education

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