Barnacle Parking Enforcement seeks to provide safer, user-friendly alternative to being booted

Barnacle Parking Enforcement prides itself on being the safer and more user-friendly alternative to being “booted” due to a parking infraction.

The Barnacle is a bright yellow, suction-based device that renders a vehicle non-operational by attaching to the windshield, obstructing the view of the driver and making the vehicle inoperable. The lightweight product can be deployed in a matter of minutes safely from the sidewalk, lowering any risks of injury while saving time and city tax dollars.

“Embedded in the Barnacle is a GPS module that allows the deployed device to be tracked, provides status updates on battery life and notifications when its internal alarm is triggered,” according to the product overview. “The cloud-based management platform controls code generation, payment processing, motorist support and reporting. The technology is offered as a comprehensive solution but has been designed with maximum flexibility to allow for integration with existing enterprise programs.”

Barnacle, which was developed in 2015, has already been deployed throughout much of the country and the company’s CEO Kevin Dougherty hopes his product continues to stick.

Barnacle Parking Enforcement CEO Kevin Dougherty  

“We are in 37 states and we’ve got approximately 20 municipal customers and a total of over 150 customers, which is a mix between municipal customers, private operators, universities, private institutions, public and private lots,” Dougherty said in an interview.

“I see it as a solution to some of these mobility issues that are out there – Ubers that are parking in the wrong areas for a short period of time, bus lane enforcement – that kind of stuff,” Dougherty said. “Why don’t you give the person an opportunity to resolve the issue quickly without losing their vehicle and serve as a deterrent for them to never do it again?”

Dougherty and co-founder Colin Heffron came up with the idea for a change in parking violations and enforcement after having their own bad experiences with parking enforcement. They hope their product will make parking enforcement a little less painstaking, while still delivering the ultimate message of wrongdoing.

“It’s a necessary thing but it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience," Dougherty said. "Being booted can take hours and it’s just kind of a bad time and being towed – I’ve been towed twice in Manhattan – and I can tell you it’s not a pleasant experience. So we wanted to make it where it was effective in enforcement but able to be removed by the motorist themselves after paying over the phone or online on their phone."

Once the motorist pays their ticket they are responsible for returning the Barnacle to a convenient drop off location mapped out in their area. The yellow unit can be easily detached by the driver and will fold down to fit in any vehicle.

Dougherty and Heffron want to shift the user experience from an “expected day of drama at the DMV” to a simple payment transaction.

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