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Community group argues proposed Wilmette wage hike would be a burden to small businesses

The Village of Wilmette in New Trier Township will be voting whether to opt into Cook County's new minimum wage hike, a measure that has been met with much disagreement given the potential it has to disrupt wages for small businesses.

Q&A: Illinois Chamber of Commerce on tariffs

With the talk of tariffs headlining business news lately, Illinois Business Daily reached out to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce for their thoughts.

Illinois sold $65 billion in products globally last year

With May designated "World Trade Month," Gov. Bruce Rauner recently pointed out that the state sold $65 billion worth of manufactured products globally last year and leads the Midwest in exports.

LaHood among lawmakers seeking modification to tax reform provision

Lawmakers are pushing for an early change to a provision in the recently passed tax reform act that they claim unfairly provides advantages to farmers selling to cooperatives, to the detriment of private companies.

OPINION: Next Step in Dismantling Obamacare: IPAB

Taxes are lower, ISIS is on the run, and the regulatory agencies are in a ceasefire with the US economy.

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